Fire Sale On PC Desktop and Laptop Computers

You may already be aware that Windows 11, the new version of Microsoft’s Operating System, requires a minimum hardware configuration. What you might not know is that a staggering number of late model PC are not compatible with this upgrade. “The main obstacles to upgrading devices to Windows 11 are the CPU and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which was either not present or not enabled in the…

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If you are happy with my work and my prices then I ask you to please consider passing my contact information along if you know of anyone who needs in-home or remote computer support services.

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Remote Assistance

I can provide safe and secure computer diagnostic, software configuration, email and internet problem diagnostics, and a host of other services remotely! And it costs you only $20 for each 30 minutes. Most of my remote assistance calls are 1 hour or less. Although there is an element of trust required when letting anyone into your computer system, I like to think that I have earned your trust…

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