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$50/hr on-site service (Your office)
$20/30 mins service (My office)
$20/30 mins Remote Assistance

Felix Daske

Felix Daske has been providing excellent service, at reasonable prices, to 100s of customers as dasPRO Computer Services since 2001. With a high level of expertise, courtesy, and integrity, Felix gets the job done! Classically trained in computer technology, programming (1970s), and Microsoft System Engineering (2001), Felix has a foundational understanding of the technology required to provide the best service at for best price possible. 


Felix is well versed in multiple technological disciplines –

Windows 11


Software Install and Configuration, Computer Security, OS and Application Software, troubleshooting, Data Recovery and Migration, MacOS



Mac and PC based systems, Computer Sales and Service, Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair, Network Configuration and Diagnosis, Home and Small Business

Audio and Video

Multi Channel Audio Systems, TV wall mount, Turntables and CD Players


Mac Computers

Felix has been working with Mac Computers for many years. He has successfully upgraded the Software (MacOS) and Hardware (RAM and the Hard Drives (SSD), as well as replacing screens, keyboards, and Touch Pads.

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Why Choose dasPro

Expertise, Experience, Courtesy, and Integrity

Experienced Technician

Felix's expertise includes: Computer operations, macro level and subroutine program development, System Administrations, Technical Support, hardware and software problem diagnosis and resolution, Network support

Proven Results

Felix will employ Best Practices to find the best solution to your particular computer or network issues.

Clear Communications

Felix will explain everything he does in easy to understand language so that you will always know exactly what is being done, why we are doing it, and how much it will cost.

What Our Clients Say

dasPRO consistently strives to provide the very best service for a reasonable fee 

“I have dealt with Felix/DasPro for several years now; and have received excellent, thorough and comprehensive service on all occasions.”

John Courtney

“Felix did a very nice job combining speed, efficiency, professionalism and computer knowledge to aid in the repair of my computers. I am very pleased to use dasPro whenever I have any computer issues”

Scott Brown, Franchise owner

“We have used dasPro services regularly and have appreciated the prompt service from Felix. He is quick to respond to our needs, while providing reliable services at a fair price."

Kate Nielsen, BCNPHA Education Program Coordinator 

Free Consultation

Please give us a call at 778-239-1124. I am happy to listen to your issue and provide the best and most cost effective solution.